A Provably Fair Marketplace

The Unbotable Project

Blockchain is aimed at revolutionizing ecommerce. Security, transparency and immutability are the hallmarks of blockchain, and these features have direct advantages when applied to marketplaces. The multi-billion-dollar online footwear and apparel market is currently poised for disruption through the use of blockchain technology. By using blockchain technology, Unbotable will make the sneaker game more fair and transparent.

The Problem: Unfair Advantages Driven by Automation

Sneaker-bots are programs that are able to purchase large amounts of desirable stock at retail prices. Unlike traditional brick-and-mortar businesses where the ability to buy stock is determined by a person physically being present, bots can automate online buys in magnitude. For exclusive items with limited stock availability, regular customers suffer and are unable to buy  on the traditional retail market. 

The Solution: Digitally Verified Identity and Blockchain Technology

The solution to automated sneaker-bot trading is blockchain technology. Sneaker-bots use  multiple accounts and lighting fast check-out automation to out-class normal customers.  Botting accounts can be overcome by securely proving that an account is legitimate and belongs to one person. This can be achieved through verifying personal information about the account holder, such as  a drivers license number, Passport or an established social media account. Knowing-your-customer is key when minimizing the number of botting accounts on the platform. 

Blockchain technology will also help eliminate unfair practices. Unbotable will share information on all stock availability for suppliers and consumers alike, ensuring there is full transparency around price and availability. Blockchains' immutability will  ensure a fair and equal distribution for all customers. 

Wrap Up: Why This Project Matters

There is a huge problem in the apparel and shoe industry as it stands today. Rather than a fair, distributed platform, online stores are highly centralized entities that are at the mercy of sneaker-bots and server capacity. Consumers who would like to purchase the latest sneakers are forced to an overpriced secondary market. The solution to this problem is blockchain technology and Unbotable.